First Floor

The first floor will explore the tripartite prongs of the Food Security Matrix developed by the Qatar National Food Security Program (QNFSP) that influences how food gets to the table. Despite its dry climate, Qatar has come up with a number of innovative measures to improve the productivity of its farming acreage. It is also the leader of the Global Dry Land Alliance, an organization aimed at alleviating desertification and improving the lot of nearly two billion people in over 60 nations.

SECTION 1: My Qatar, My Life, Our Country

Visitors instantly enter a world dedicated entirely to Qatar: hologram ambassadors will welcome them, while interactive displays will bring to life information, views and images of a vibrant and unique country. Both Qataris and expats discussing various facets of their lives will give different viewpoints of Qatar. Guests will find out how Qatar has grown, becoming a modern nation.

SECTION 2 : Discover Our Sofra

Qatari are known for their legendary hospitality. The local Qatari food customs and their evolution in time will be shown on an interactive dining table with video projections of native and present local diet, traditional dishes along with a section including physical objects used to welcome guests. Surrounding it: videos, graphic panels, a heritage and customs wall related to Qatari festivals celebration, a children’s art wall and the Food Security Matrix will give the visitors a full experience of Qatari practices such as Ramadan and the coffee ritual, as well as an overview of the country’s attention to food security and nutrition.

SECTION 3: Seeding sustainability. Planting the Seeds for a Better Future

A section entirely dedicated to the intricate process of becoming and remaining sustainable in the farming sector. The ways in which Qatar is working to achieve this goal will be presented along with a giant interactive digital book showcasing the Filaha Project and an interactive wall showing the plants mentioned in the Quran. Both will illustrate how the country preserves ancient wisdoms. Visitors will be able to explore and immerse themselves in the new technologies that are being constantly developed. The reproduction of a greenhouse interior will showcase how Qatari grow crops using hydroponics method and bio-pesticides while video scopes will let people discover the production of water from the atmosphere and Qatar solar technologies.

SECTION 4: Food trading in Qatar

People will have the chance to see how the country is developing with time in terms of trade. This area will let visitors discover Qatar’s inventive solutions for food transportation and stock through elements such as a conveyor belt, hanging cartons and shipping crates, underlined by the importance of keeping goods fresh.

SECTION 5: Global outreach

This section will demonstrate Qatar’s investments in farming on a global scale, its involvement in international issues and a dedication towards securing a better future for next generations. Floating video globes and a graphic backdrop wall will showcase Qatar national food security programme farms overseas, while a postcard wall will delineate how Qatar trades with the rest of the world. Visitors will be amazed by the way, in which Qatar has become involved with issues related to sustainability across the globe through videos about Qatar’s leadership in the Global Dry Land Alliance and world food aid.


Al Jefeer on the topmost floor is the piece de resistance of the Qatar Pavilion. Whilst its exterior of arabesque patterns evoke the richness of Qatar’s heritage, the story it tells inside is one of the future where green technologies take centre-stage.

As the core of the pavilion, Al Jefeer journey can host more than 300 people at a time, and will feature a spectacular visual show of video, light and sound. A total immersion in Qatar’s unique approach will be offered to the people attending. This will be made possible thanks to the creation of an interactive journey of the country, the challenges it faces due to the arid environment, the traditions in its cuisine along with a display of technological developments. From the arid climate, the urban, industrial and cultural landscape – visitors will get a well-rounded experience of Qatari life along with its commitment to green technologies and water security.


The ground floor is where the Souk is located. This is a showcase of how Qatar has managed to preserve its heritage and pay tribute to ancient wisdom in order to forge new solutions. Rituals and customs surrounding food, special dishes cooked at festivals and taboos will allow the visitor to trace the intriguing journey of Qatar’s past right through to the present day.

Souq Area & Restaurant

A Kids’ Activity Area will enable children to become part of the Expo experience. Parents will also be able to enjoy this section of the Qatar Pavilion at Sidra Restaurant or the Souk Areas. These recreations of the typical Middle Eastern market places will enable visitors to become part of Qatari culture in one single space.  Emphasis will be placed on food and the ways in which it is presented and sold locally. Spice, Bread and Confectionary and Khoos shops will be an integral part of the souk, along with Henna artists that will make the experience all the more special. Fishing Tools and Nets, Kitchen Accessories and Madbesah will be presented, while oral history and cooking videos will complete this unique experience at Liwan theater.